Exam Preparation Final: MySQL Cloud Service 2018 [1Z0-320]

In my preview blog posts, I have written about this exam topics and this blog post will cover remaining topics.

Let start with it,

MySQL Security

This MySQL Security section covers general MySQL server inbuild option plus enterprise tools offered by MySQL enterprise edition.

  • Execute MySQL Authorization and Privilege Management

Reference doc: MySQL privilege and access control

  • Manage MySQL Password Policies

Explore for password_validation plugin and Password Expiration policies for MySQL USER.

Leverage MySQL Enterprise Monitor

  • Explain MySQL Enterprise Monitor benefits and features
  • Describe the topology of the MySQL Enterprise Monitor (Service Manager, Agents)
  • Manage MySQL Query Analyzer
  • Manage the customizability of MySQL Enterprise Advisors

Reference Link: MySQL Enterprise Monitor

Leverage MySQL Backup

Logical (mysqldump) Backup import and export from MySQL Workbench.

  • Describe the MySQL Enterprise Backup process
  • Install a MySQL Enterprise Backup
  • Configure MySQL backups
  • Configure MySQL Encryption and Compression

Reference doc: MySQL Enterprise Backup

MySQL Overview of High Availability and Replication

  • Describe MySQL High Availability solutions
  • Explain Replication
  • Set up MySQL Replication using global transaction identifiers (GTID’s) and binlog
  • Set up MySQL Cluster
  • Explain Replication utilities
  • Deploy High Availability and Scalability features

To prepare these topics, learn about MySQL replication in depth including GTID replication knowledge like how to enable GTID, setup replication, and troubleshooting.

GTID Replication BLOG POST

MySQL Cluster is another MySQL High Availability solutions.

Learn about Replication Utilities:

  1. mysqlrpladmin — Administration utility for MySQL replication
  2. mysqlfailover — Automatic replication health monitoring and failover
  3. mysqlreplicate — Set Up and Start Replication Between Two Servers
  4. mysqlrplms — Set Up and Start Replication from a Slave to Multiple Masters
  5. mysqlrplcheck — Check Replication Prerequisites
  6. mysqlrplshow — Show Slaves for Master Server

MySQL Cloud Service

  • Describe Cloud Services options
  • Establish Cloud Service connection via Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Describe security rules within Oracle Compute Cloud Service
  • Configure security rules within Oracle Compute Cloud Service
  • Troubleshoot Cloud Service connections issues
  • Describe alerts and notification options using Cloud Service
  • Configure MySQL Cloud Service Backup

For MySQL Cloud Service, I read cloud documents provided by Oracle and also did practice on Oracle MySQL Could server.

These include MySQL implementation options, security, access from SSH, Backup -Restore on cloud container / local disk. How to patch MySQL server, configuring notification for managing MySQL cloud service.

Reference document:  MySQL Cloud Service

And that’s all !!

Do study everything in detail and practice is must for these topics.